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                         Don't take my word for it: Here are some testimonials

                                           from my previous students!


Ms. Josey-May  has been an online English teacher to my children since 2019.

We love Josey very much for her devotion to the teaching.


1. Her lessons concentrate on the topics, so that my children can learn what's important. In the meantime, they expand to other activities and exercises which are closely related to the topics, so that my children have a lot of opportunities to practice what they have learnt. 

2. Regarding the knowledges my children don't get during the class, Josey manages to make them understand via different perspectives.

3. During her lessons, Josey pays attention to my children's strengths and weaknesses, and asks them different questions with the purpose to improve their weaknesses. 

4. Josey points out my children's mistakes in time, and helps them correct these mistakes without upsetting their enthusiasm.

5. Josey is good at reviewing and summarizing, making sure that my children understand and memorize the important knowledges from past lessons.

6. Her lessons have a focus on natural native conversational speaking and listening skills, critical thinking skills and wider understanding and comprehension of the subject matter, therefore to a sense are more than just English lessons, which is exact our hope for the class.

 Above all, Josey loves and understands my children. She observes them and builds a close and effective communication with them. My children see her not only as a teacher, but a big sister, whom they are willing to share their thoughts. Her lessons are full of funs, which inspire the learning interests from my children. They are very fond of her and always looking forwards to her next lesson.

6.) We are very lucky to have Ms. Josey-May as my children's English teacher.


Parents of 6-year-old Chinese twin students.

2019-Present day- ongoing.

Hi Josey.

​I like to study English with you.

 Maybe because I study with you, which imagine that someday I can speak English with anyone. 

 There are some reasons. ^^

  1. You are so energetic.

   whether i am happy or not, during or after class with you- I got energy from you.

   so anytime i can study English.

  2. Repeatedly point out my weakness.

  As you know, I am a starter. So I would like to know where my weakness or place of my fault is, Josey does this in a lovely way.

  you are patient, trying to teach several times even though I am still at fault!

 3. You are a good story maker.

  When we talked about various stories and topics, you were never tired.

  you tried making our good story.

 I want to write more great things about your class, which I will try forward. ^^

see you soon


South Korea

2 Years

I have had lesson with teacher Josey for about a year and I chose her as my regular teacher right at the first class. We talked about everything from culture, travel, sport, relationship. Josey is so kind and supportive that sometimes I think she is my sister rather than just teacher. We had lot of great time, sharing information from different perspective and she always try to explain clearly to me when I had questions for it.

She will give you the most personalized lessons up to your preference and English level. I am so thankful that she also gave me lots of suggestion and interview practices while I was looking for my new job and I did it! 

It's really hard to share in short, but this will not just be a normal English lesson.



1 Year

We want you to know that you are our favourite English teacher. Your passion, consideration and humour enable the children to improve their English in such a positive way that we are always keen to meet you sooner on our next class

Parents of 7/8 year old students from China

1 Year

You are kind and generous. I wish you bright future



1 Year

Hi Josey,

 Thank you for your encouraging words. Sometimes the words a friend says are more effective than what the family says.

 I hope 2021 and beyond will be very enjoyable and successful for you. Doing your own job is a very good decision for you because you are very successful and great in your job. I'm really glad to have met you. 

It really made me happy to see you among the top and special list of teachers. I hope you have been very successful in your new job.

 Take care and see you soon.


Turkish Student living in the UK

6 Months

Josey- I miss you and I can’t find perfect teacher in Cambly. Probably I’ll never find them now!



13 Months

It's really lucky to meet you on Cambly, and please remember that you've given me lots of energy and courage. You are a great teacher.

I will definitely recommend to my friend if they also want to improve their English. Maybe one day if i have kid, I will need your help to teach him/her English lol



1 Year

We appreciate your efforts for making the lessons fun and rewarding for our children.

We have no suggestions

Parent of student from China from previous tutoring company

Hi Josey 

​Thank you for all that.

I am really lucky guy because I meet you



14 Months

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